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Help! What’s Causing My Bad Breath?

Did you know that “halitophobia” is the fear of having halitosis (bad breath)? It’s a tough word to say without wondering about your breath, but those who have halitophobia often worry excessively about offending others. 

Bad breath is not something we want you to lose sleep over, but it is a good idea to be mindful of how your breath may smell to others from time to time. Everything you do has an impact on your breath’s freshness, from what you drink (or don’t drink) to what you eat, to what kind of medications you ingest on a regular basis. 

The Facts About Bad Breath

At Cashmere Family Dentistry, we have helped patients eliminate not only their bad breath, but the bad breath behaviors that got them into that (smelly) pickle in the first place! 

So What Causes Bad Breath?

Bad breath is most often caused when food particles are trapped in the teeth or mouth. Bacteria slowly breaks down these particles, and odorous sulfur compounds are released, lingering on your breath for hours! 

Certain foods like onions and garlic can also swing your breath meter from fresh to stale faster than you can say “salsa”. Are you reaching for a tic-tac yet? 

Other reasons for bad breath can be due to periodontal disease or gum disease, a buildup of plaque that settles around the gums. Tooth decay, cavities, and poorly-fitting dental devices (bridges, crowns, or dentures) all contribute to the malodorous offenders in the mouth. 

In rare instances, bad breath can be caused by a medical condition or the medications necessary to control a condition. 

How Do I Get Rid Of My Bad Breath?

The best solution to curing bad breath is often to stop the source before symptoms begin. Preventive care such as stopping the source of bad breath before symptoms begin, is your best solution! 

  1. Drink lots of water, especially if you can’t do without your morning coffee or glass of wine with dinner. Caffeine and alcohol dry out the mouth, creating an arid environment--a breeding ground for sulfur compounds!
  2. Brush your teeth every morning, and after meals. This sweeps the mouth clean of food particles. 
  3. Floss at least once a day will keep those odorous sulfur compounds we talked about earlier to a minimum
  4. Try tongue scraping, an oral hygiene practice that uses a tool designed to specifically and gently scrape your tongue to remove bacteria, food debris, toxins, and dead cells.
  5. Use alcohol-free mouthwash. Alcohol can dry out your mouth, so your winter-minty breath will be short lived. 
  6. Get regular dental checkups! Every six months, visit your dentist so that he or she can assess the health of your mouth, keep plaque off of your teeth and gums, and check for cavities and signs of gum disease or tooth decay. 

Gum Disease and Bad Breath

While bad breath may not seem like a large problem at first, it may be indicative of periodontal disease or gum disease, a buildup of plaque that settles around the gums.  Left untreated, it can result in tooth loss of one or more teeth. If you are experiencing any tooth sensitivity, reddened gums or gums that bleed after flossing, please give Cashmere Family Dentistry a call and we will get you on the path to wellness!

The Final Word on Breath

Fresh breath is easy to maintain with the proper attention and oral hygiene care. Remember to be diligent at home and in keeping your regularly scheduled six month dental checkups! 

If you are concerned about your breath, or are experiencing any type of toothache or dental pain, visit our office today 209 Aplets Way, Cashmere, WA 98815 and we will take care of you!

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